Sunday, March 27, 2016

Meet Mrs Pickwick

My latest film.
Filmed in Hackney.
This taxi, like all taxis toured around London for one month.
Have been putting cartoons on London Black cabs for the last six years.

I pay for all of this on my teaching salary. Looking for a Development producer to make it even better.

Next film will be 'Intergalactic Toad Catchers'.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Meet Sedgwick Film

Well I am sitting here in my apartment in Mangaf, Kuwait, getting excited about our film shoot, on 22nd June in Hampstead, London. Our new film is a short 5 minute film called MEET SEDGWICK where we will be introducing my villain, who I refer to as the Iago of the North: Sedgwick. He is the guy who accidentally found out about the magic remedies created by a secret group of geriatric doctors called the Divine Circle of Doctorhood, Sedgwick has captured Dr. Pickwick's most prized possession: the golden toad (see above).

So let me introduce to the Cast and Crew:
Created by - Catriona Mackenzie 
Introducing a new screenwriter - Tamar Eden Goldschimdt - who is our writer and has been commissioned to write the screenplay - Meet Sedgwick
Composer - Ellen Mandel who has been commissioned to write an original musical score for this film
Film Production  - Redfearn and Guy Carter (two talented film producers)
Directed by Catriona Mackenzie and Paul Redfearn
Sedgwick - Dan Putnam (I am a big fan of Dan's versatility as an actor)
Babs (Sedgwick's wife) - Sasi Langford (a beautiful model/actress)
Cartoons by - Simon Ellinas (one of Britain's leading cartoonists)
Stills Photography by - Nicola Gaughan (an exceptionally great photographer)

If you would like to come along, contact me on
or call me on 00965 69971602
or skype me on catriona.mackenzie2

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Divine Circle of DoctorHood in Edinburgh

Fancy a ride in my new pink taxi cab?
23rd August 2013, 12noon, 41 Cockburn Street Edinburgh, outside Viva Mexicano.